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is a digital collection of video, audio, photos, books, papers, scores and other artifacts related to Balkan cultures and traditions. The collection is based on Dimitrije Buzarovski's musical scores, performances, video and audio recordings, digitised cultural heritage, and musicological and ethnomusicological works.

Established: October 15, 2012

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BuzAr Journal

Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Buzarovski
tel. +389-71-232-891

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Trena Jordanoska

June 10, 2015: Awarding Ceremony of Honorary Doctorate of the University of Niš to Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Buzarovski
(link to the information and photos) (srb)

Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Buzarovski and Prof. Dr. Dragan Antić, rector of the University of Niš at the Honorary Doctorate Awarding Ceremony

8 октомври, 2017: Каде исчезнаа парите Колумна на Димитрије Бужаровски објавена на порталот

13 септември, 2017: Филхармонија одново Колумна на Димитрије Бужаровски објавена на порталот

16 август, 2017: Музичка салата Колумна на Димитрије Бужаровски објавена на порталот

25 мај, 2017: Колку чини еден музичар? Колумна на Димитрије Бужаровски објавена на порталот

Launch of Radio Program and Documentary Video

Piano Department Students

Prepared and Recorded by Sonology and Multimedia Department Students

(info in Macedonian)

Link to the Radio Program

Link to the Documentary Video

Monday, May 15, 2017, 13:30
UKIM FM Concert Hall

Launch of the book Sociology of Music (2016) by Dimitrije Buzarovski

Link to the photos from the launch of the book

March 10, 2017, 19:00
Concert Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Niš

Celebrating 20th Anniversary of UKIM Faculty of Music International Symphony Orchestra

Launch of the Documentary Video 20 Years of UKIM FM International Symphony Orchestra

UKIM FM Concert Hall
December 26, 2016, 13:30

News Archive
BuzAr Journal
Buzarovski's Works
A Buzarovski Retrospective
December 1, 2014:

Firfov Collection
Excerpts from the edition Connecting Zivko Firfov's audio and transcription collections
Link to the audio and the transcriptions

1. Izvedi mi konja                
* Orovodna, Kumanovsko, Izvorna grupa, Rajna Spasovska, April 74 god.
** Spasevska Rajna

2. Snaa i z'lva                
* s.Studena Bara - Kumanovsko, Rajna Spasovska 50., 20.II.74 zapis, Februar 23
** Spasevska Rajna

3. Neli ne si kadar devere                
* Orovodna-svadbarska-humoristichna, s.Gjugjanci od Ovchepolieto, April 74
** Stoleva Vera

4. Doshol vojvoda na selo                 
* Svadbarska, Agino selo - Kumanovsko, Savka Pametkova, April 74
** Pametkova Savka

5. Koj mi e crnooki Neven                
* Orovodna, od Agino selo - Kumanovsko, Izvorna peachka grupa, April 74
** Spasevska Rajna

* Firfov's remarks in the transcription collection
** Firfov's remarks in the audio collection
Content of the first issue (2014)

Dimitrije Buzarovski, Trena Jordanoska
Macedonian Music Culture during World War Two Revisited

Trena Jordanoska, Dimitrije Buzarovski
Macedonian Composers during World War Two Revisited

Jere T. Humphreys
Relationships between Popular Music and Democracy:
Implications for Popular Music Pedagogy

Franc Križnar
The Development of Slovenian Music from the Remoteness to the Contemporary

Milena Đurković-Pantelić
Music Genre Recognition and Evaluation of the Pre-school Population in Šabac, Serbia

From BuzAr Digital Library

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Musicology and Ethnomusicology in the Digital Era

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Firfov Collection Revisited: The Oral Tradition after 30 Years

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Teaching Music Composition in the 21st Century:
The Kingdom of Loops

December 1, 2014:
Dimitrije Buzarovski
Music Questions/ An Esthetic Performance/ Where Theory and Practice Meet


Dimitrije Buzarovski
Nocturnes op. 49 (2000)
Performed by the author

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Oratorio Radomir's Psalms op. 47 (1999)

A Buzarovski Retrospective

Program notes in pdf (mk)

Streaming video from the concert

  1. Sonatine op. 1
  2. Symphonies
  3. Passacaglia from II Sonata for piano op. 17
  4. Oratorios, ballet, operas
  5. Nocturne "Kalesh Angjo" op. 49
  6. Concertos
  7. XX Century from All That Dance op. 39a
  8. Song cycles, chamber music
  9. Theme – Renaissance from All That Dance op. 39a
10. Music for plays and TV programs

1st encore
Nocturne "Dali pametvish Milice" op. 52a

2nd encore
Nocturne "Sechi mome rusi kosi" op. 49
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